1985 Dr Eng., Doctorate dissertation: “Determination of Influence of Atmospheric Refraction in Establishment of the Geodetic Control of Iraq”, The Academy of Agriculture and Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Agricultural Equipment, Olsztyn, Poland

Note: the General thesis of the dissertation can be found athttp://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-bib_query?1979IAUS...89..267P




2018 -> GeoDigitalGNSS

activity focused on the surveying, design, production and distribution of satellite-based surveying receivers AzusRTN

2008 - 2015 GeoDigitalGPS

(activity focused on the use of satellite surveys for surveying), design and production of satellite receivers: Azus L1Static (2008-2010), Azus Star (2010-2012), Azus Star + (2013-2014) 

2003 - 2007 self-employment: licensed surveyor in Poland

License no 17191: surveying, geodesy, map compilation, photogrammetric survey and remote sensing   


2000 - 2002 Director of the Department of Geodesy,

The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

The main geodetic activities on the national level in Poland (see PUBLICATIONS), mainly: obligatory technical standards, Active GPS Network, levelling geoid, re-levelling of 1st class vertical control, EUREF network densification and others


1997 - 1999 Expert on Geodesy

Department of Geodesy, The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

Preparation of technical standards and their implementation


1996 Project Manager (KUWAIT)

GeoDigital Ltd., Warsaw, Poland

The final phase of topographic digital mapping contract ( started in 1993, ended in 1995) and digital orthophoto contract for Kuwait Oil Company (1996)


1991-1995    Consultant to the Directorate of Surveying (KUWAIT)

                                Directorate of Surveying, Kuwait

Technical supervision of the demarcation border Iraq-Kuwait, the development of technical conditions for demarcation economic zones of the territorial waters of Kuwait, Iraq and Iran, and the division of the sea neutral zone between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the development of technical conditions for the work of surveying and mapping carried out by the Directorate of Surveying, development of technical specifications for tenders organized by the Directorate of Surveying, GPS surveying (using six dual frequency receivers MiniMac 2816), the development of the geoid model, digital analysis of surveys, original design and execution the mareograph station (by pressure damped water column above sensor) for automatic registration of sea level for the purpose of surveying and port needs , the Kuwaiti personnel training.

1990   Resident Project Manager (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

                                               Gulf Computer & Geokart Joint Venture, Abu Dhabi

Interactive Graphic Data Management System of Town Planning Department


1988-1990  Project Manager (KUWAIT)

                                 GEOKART – Organization for Surveying and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

Densification of geodetic control (scope of works: densification net consisting of 400 points by GPS measurements, trilateration and trigonometric levelling, precise levelling network consisting of 200 benchmarks by the geodetic and trigonometric method, the establishment of the geomagnetic observatory with permanent registration of magnetic earth field, geomagnetic declination measurements, training of Kuwaiti staff)


1987   Project Manager (ETHIOPIA)

                                 GEOKART – Organization for Surveying and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

(the establishment of the 1st Order Doppler Network over the entire territory of Ethiopia, consisting of 15 points). The measurements were made with Doppler Polish DOG-1 geodetic receivers (from shortcut: Doppler geodetic receiver). The TRANSIT satellite system - the precursor of the NAVSTAR GPS system - was used


1986   Technical Adviser

GEOKART – Organization for Surveying and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

(supervision of technical execution of contracts, preparing of the technical part of offers etc.)


1979 - 1985 Senior Expert on Remote Sensing and Thematic Cartography

Department of Cartography, The Head Office of  Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

(responsible for technical preparation and administration of all state cartographic projects, including mapping by digital and conventional methods)


1974 - 1979 Chief Engineer, (IRAQ)

Polservice-PPG Joint Venture, Bagdad, Iraq

(contract on the establishment of the Geodetic Control of Iraq  and topographic mapping at scale 1:25,000 of 170,000 sq. km of south part of Iraq; responsible for technical execution of contract, technical supervision, quality control consisting of the following works: execution of the Geodetic Control of Iraq by trilateration method with terrestrial and astronomical observations (Laplace points), precise levelling, trigonometric levelling, establishment of mareographs, gravimetric surveys, preparing of the map of geoid undulations and maps of vertical deflections, quality control of the post-processing on Nova840 computer, training of Iraqi staff)


1972 -1974 Senior Expert on Computerization

Department of Science Development and Technology, The Head Office of  Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw, Poland

(responsible for the development of computerization in geodesy and cartography)


1964 - 1972 Geodesist

State Geodetic Enterprise in Warsaw

(designing of geodetic networks, field measurements, geodetic and astronomical computation, adjustment of geodetic networks, readjustment and transformation of all old networks into uniform reference system, the creation of geodetic data bank on 1st and 2nd computer generation)



Several dozen publications since 1970 of which the following are a more recent selection (since 2001) - mainly in Polish.